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Fulfillment can be a tricky and complicated place to get to, especially when talking about your career. Everyone knows that landing your dream job with the right mix: ideal hours, a short commute, coworkers you adore, and a salary that enables you to have a lifestyle which you are partial to, means a long process must occur. Moreover, as typical processes go, there are often hurdles and milestones that need to be reached; some may include attaining the right education, home relocation, or even adjusting long held beliefs. In short, you may have had to refine many aspects of yourself through the years to arrive at what you thought was an ideal career.


After all your ups and downs, you may wake up one day and wonder if the career you are in is the right one. Rest assured, this feeling is both common and a definite question we all will ask ourselves at some point in our lives. The world is ever-changing and what was once innovative and exciting could today be antiquated and no longer useful or efficient. So now what?


Red Flags That It Is Time To Move On

Many people are dissatisfied with their career, and there is no shortage of individuals who will openly complain about it. Often, you may wonder if it is the norm just to deal with it and continue going into working and just suffer through the misery. The first step you should take in evaluating your work is to pinpoint exactly what it is that makes you so unhappy. Without this crucial piece of information, you will inevitably fall into the same rut again.


There are definite toxic signs that need evaluation as they pertain to your job. If any of the following sound familiar, it is not the time for complacency. Learn to identify them and have the courage to begin a serious self search of what you need to modify in order to reach that happy place.

  • Apathy: If you feel so disconnected and uninterested in work, this warning sign is a clear indication that you are ready for a change. There are few things that can get you out of such a funk than to move on. Be honest with yourself so that you can determine whether it is the work environment or the actual line of work that is getting you down. If it is the latter, you may need to think about building up new skills by going back to school or looking into entry level jobs in a new field.
  • Physical Ailments: It is true that if you are mentally drained, signs can emerge in your physical well-being. Stress and anxiety can take a severe toll on your body and if you endure many years of these conditions, it will be bad news for you in the end. Most people can admit that they feel a level of exhaustion by the end of the work week, but if you do not feel adequately refreshed by Monday morning, something more may be weighing on you.
  • Ethical Issues: It is time to reconsider a career if you are currently working at a dishonest company. Whether management is untrustworthy in regards to how employees are treated or what is promised to them or if operations with clients and vendors take an unethical turn, that can be your lead to move on. Staying at an organization that is not transparent will eventually become bad news.

Other indicators that a career change is imminent for you include a misalignment of your talents or values with the type of work that you are doing. Again, the key is that you are honest with yourself and get to the bottom of what truly is causing your dissatisfaction. The last thing you want to do is to go from a bad career to an even worse one. Once you decide the right decision is that you move on, make sure you have planned your finances adequately and give yourself a fair amount of time for job searching.

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