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Whether you are currently actively looking for a career change or fresh out of college, you can be sure that we have all been job seekers at some point in our lives. This activity can be nerve-wracking, rather time-consuming, and mentally draining. Despite all these facts that go along with the journey to finding the perfect job, there are ways that you can bring attention to yourself during an interview and even on a resume that will make you stand out from all the other applicants.


By far, the best advice you can take and act on during your job hunt is to highlight your career accomplishments. This can be tougher if you have no work experience, but if you’ve been employed for a while, it’s simply a matter of highlighting the right items. Most people would agree that professional achievements are a big asset and necessary to include the details of your responsibilities and titles; however, where job seekers get stumped is distinguishing what qualifies as something worth mentioning. Here are a few tips to help you filter out accomplishments.


Education And Skills

Your academic achievements can serve as significant accomplishments. Have you attended a well-known and highly competitive university? If so, you can be guaranteed that hiring managers will take note of that. Mention your GPA if it happens to be an outstanding one. If you are currently a recent graduate with limited professional experience, it is still possible to have accomplishments that can catch the eye of recruiters and may include:

  • charity work
  • fundraising work
  • internships and clerkships
  • research positions
  • sports awards
  • leadership roles


In the area of skills, technology aptitudes and languages rank pretty high; therefore make sure not to leave them out during an interview and on your resume career accomplishments. Also, it is great to have a particular skill set that is in line with your work; however, showing a steady and increasing attainment, especially in areas such as the medical field or technical jobs, which keeps up with the times will get you noticed.


Your Chance To Make A Good Impression

As the old adage goes: the first impression remains the last; therefore make sure to seize on this opportunity when looking for a job. This means managing your online portfolio for potential social media background checks as well. Hiring managers are looking for people that do much more than their mere day-to-day duties and in only meeting the milestones an employer has set. What they want to find are people who have gone beyond these points and those who can bring unique talent to an organization. Concrete and measurable performance indicators are what translate to success stories for an interviewer. These kinds of people will increase a business’s bottom line and bring about innovations and not only perform responsibilities.


Another tool to use is numbers. Do not only say you were a supervisor; indicate how many people you gave direction to and for how long. Give number details about the size of the budget you were in charge with and how big the geographical area you covered. Also, mention how extensive your customer base was and give percentages for increases in sales. In this way, your accomplishments are evident and recorded to give a clear picture of what you are capable of doing. These indicators build credibility and give confidence to someone who is searching for a candidate when reviewing resumes.


Finally, be careful not to get carried away with descriptions of your resume career accomplishments. Remember that you must be truthful and accountable to everything you write on your resume and everything that you mention during an interview. You don’t want to end up in a position that proves you to be dishonest or an exaggerator. A good way to ensure accuracy is to make it a habit to keep a detailed record of your successes. Include dates, roles, and other descriptions that make you different from others.

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