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There is no denying that social media has become a big part of regular life.  Even for those who have been reluctant to join the crowd, trends show that almost all people have become connected to Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, or Instagram.  Web-based communication tools allow easy access to sharing and consuming information.  Because of this uncomplicated and simple process, it is no wonder that social media can be your biggest asset when looking for a job.


Social Networks Are Key Players

Studies have shown that an ever-increasing number of employers and recruiters are turning to social media sites for employment speculation and for finding the right candidates for open positions.  Long gone is the effortless want-ad posting.  Why?  It really is simple to understand this trend.  First, among the benefits for job seekers is that it allows for easy access to companies they are interested in.  They can keep current with the latest developments and forge connections with people who work there.  Moreover, job seekers will have first dibs into job listing posts if they regularly stay connected to their favorite companies.


Likewise, potential employers have become online savvy when recruiting and selecting the right person for their open positions.  Social media allows hiring managers to peruse candidates’ virtual presence and make decisions based on how people market themselves.  In addition, recruiters can get a good idea on whether or not a person would fit in well enough with their company culture and workplace.  These subtle hints can become powerful tools in the hiring process.


The bottom line is that social media can provide an efficient way to weed out those who are not likely to do well for certain firms.  It can best be thought of as a kind of background check or a crucial step that could ultimately lead up to your first interview.


Make It Work To Your Advantage

There are a few things to keep in mind when using social media in your job search.  Always remember, social media can be your biggest marketing tool; therefore:

  • Make your online presence a worthwhile brand
  • Invest in a professional picture for your sites; update it every three years
  • Ensure your communication is free of spelling/grammatical errors; be coherent
  • Highlight your achievements, education, and professional expertise


Finally, do not underestimate the importance of showing how you spend your non-work time.  Mention your charity work, hobbies, and travel interests, especially if these areas coincide with the field you want to enter.  Potential employers want to get the “whole picture” when they make decisions on who joins their firm.  Consequently, the photographs and wording you use should always be in good taste and avoid profanity, excessive display of passions, or promotion of illegal activities.


Once you have the best possible online profile, you should not just stop there.  Recruiters want to see a steady flow of new postings and activity that shows you are involved within your industry.  The bottom line is that you have to constantly work it.  Comment on a good article, participate in group discussions, and find ways to be contributory and impressive.  When you increase your visibility and get known in your field, you also are able to catch the eye of hiring managers.


The hiring process landscape has certainly changed from a decade ago.  In many ways, control has shifted to individuals seeking work.  Therefore, make time for social media and use it to your advantage.

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