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The Internet has had a vast impact in virtually every industry and profession since its commencement.  In the areas of human resources and the ways in which individuals seek jobs and how recruiters choose among the applicants, you can rest assured many traditional approaches have transformed.  Namely, online portfolios have become an indispensable tool for a candidate, much in the same way a resume is a required given. Your online presence is extremely important in making a good first impression.


Online portfolios are web-based platforms that include in one condensed spot, samples of your work such as articles you have contributed to, presentations you have created, and blog entries you have written.  In short, an online portfolio showcases all of your useful and pertinent work in which you have contributed to your industry.  It should include your accomplishments and relevant activities.


Also, your online portfolio should be kept up-to-date on a consistent basis, whether you are on a new job hunt or not.  Why?  Because it should be telling a continual “story” of what you are up to and how you are keeping current with your skills and projects.  Moreover, a hiring manager will turn to an online portfolio to confirm experience, affiliations, and real examples of what you can be expected to produce.


The Benefits for Online Presence

Once you establish a crisp, concise, and accessible online portfolio, you are essentially having some control over your visibility in the online world.  There is no better destination for potential employers than to find your site, especially when done right, when they do a search on you. Once you’re able to secure the interview, take a look at our interview preparation tips to make sure nothing catches you off guard.


Another benefit for a great online portfolio is that it can have the ability to give a first-rate impression. Remember to choose carefully among layout design, colors, and any graphics that you include.  These areas have the potential to portray much in the areas of personality and creativity.  Furthermore, some recommendations to make sure to provide the examples of your work include:

  • Letters of recommendations
  • Awards
  • Community/Charity work
  • An “About Me” page
  • Resume with the work history
  • Testimonials

Once you highlight these areas, a recruiter can get a whole picture of who you are and can better decide if you would fit in within his/her company and culture. Workplace culture is very important to employers so it’s important that your site creates a solid impression.


Finally, an online portfolio can also act as your personal marketing tool.  This power is especially useful for those who rely on freelance work or an occasional extra job or two to make ends meet.  Hiring managers who are looking for talent regularly do Internet searches to find individuals to meet their company’s needs.  If you have carefully crafted an online portfolio, you are that much closer to being the person who is hired.


In sum, an online portfolio can have the ability to bring you several levels above candidates that do not have one.  When done right, it is one more tool you have that works in your favor to make you stand out from other candidates in your field.  Online portfolios have a unique way of not only offering examples of your work to viewers but also they allow you to make the platform fun and personal but still professional.


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