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Maximizing cloud computing should be an essential strategy for your organization. It seems as though companies are finding new ways to take advantage of cloud computing and are flying ahead of their competitors. According to a study of 800 cloud decision makers and users from IBM titled, “Under cloud cover: How leaders are accelerating competitive differentiation,” companies who utilize cloud broadly are gaining a competitive advantage over their rivals who are not doing so. The survey called these organizations “pacesetters” and they are growing revenue faster than other organizations.


It’s important to understand how these pacesetters are making the cloud work for them. Pacesetters are finding new ways to use the cloud and differentiating through new strategies. Cloud is the focus of their plan and includes their organization’s analytics, mobile, social, and big data information.  Another group the survey defined was “challengers,” those who are on par with pacesetters but are still behind on strategy differentiation and overall responsiveness.


There are many things you can do to make your organization part of the pacesetter category. Start by reevaluating you organization’s strategic plan. Start with your customers, how can you improve relationships with them? Evaluate your products and services. Are you doing things the old-fashioned way? Is there room for innovation? Take a look at your business model. Is your organization doing things the way they have always done them? Chances are there is room for improvement in all of these areas. Define the areas that need improvement and incorporate cloud. Here are additional questions to consider when defining your organization’s business objectives:


  • What new strategies could cloud facilitate?
  • How can cloud help you engage your customers?
  • What decisions would benefit from big data?


Developing a new strategic plan is the first step in becoming a pacesetter, but the next step is to make better decisions. Take the analytics from big data and see what insights come of it. One key attribute of a pacesetter is that they are able to make data-driven decisions that provide results. According to the survey, 54-percent of pacesetters use cloud-based analytics to derive insights from big data. This is just the beginning of how to use cloud to your company’s advantage. For more information on cloud computing, contact one of our experts today!

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