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Employee engagement plays an important role within organizations, and engaging employees is not always an easy task. But engaged employees means increased profitability for companies. If a company is going to successfully engage its workforce, it needs to understand what exactly employee engagement is. The definition of employee engagement: the emotional connection an employee feels towards its company.


Depending on how employees feel, their connectedness towards their particular job (and organization as a whole) can either increase or decrease productivity levels while at work. Of course organizations want their employees to be productive, therefore it’s important to consistently engage them. Our expert recruiters at Atlas Consulting have compiled some key strategies to help you engage your workers to increase profit.


Openly Express the Company Culture. Company culture is definitely important when trying to engage your employees. What does your company believe? Is this communicated to your employees? Let your employees in on your company culture, and show them what is important to the organization as a whole. Allow employees a chance for input because they want to feel as though they are being listened to.


Communicate. Having open communication between senior management and employees is also important in getting employees engaged. Employees don’t want to be seen as a number, but rather a working member of a team and contributing to a company-wide goal. When employees go above and beyond their job duties, publicly appreciate and recognize their good work. This shows that their hard work and effort will not go unnoticed.


Show the Importance of Professional Development. Most individuals don’t want to be stuck in the same exact job for the next 30 years, especially employees from the antsy generation Y. Employees want to feel like they are able to advance with their company; climb the corporate ladder. Offering professional development opportunities shows employees that you are invested in their future.  Plus, the best employees are the ones who like to learn, so do what you can to help them along.


Employee engagement is not something that happens overnight, but it is definitely essential to a happy workforce and increased profits. When employees believe in the organization in which they work, they want to do the best job possible. Stay consistent in your efforts because employee engagement takes time. Contact one of our recruiters today for more tips on engaging your workers.

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