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Today’s job market is an excellent one for employers, as they tend to get an abundance of qualified candidates for a single job. For job seekers, this makes the market a bit tough. To get through the stack of resumes, employers often ask candidates to participate in a phone interview. This post is designed to tell you more about phone interviews and what the employer is looking for and how to prepare.


Here are some of the objectives for employers and phone interviews:


Check your knowledge of the job. Yes, you’ve read the post online and you applied, but do you know what the job actually is? Do you think you’ll be doing one thing when really you’ll be doing another? Employers want to set real expectations for the position, and need to know if you understand and accept them.


Check on basic logistics. One question employers want (and often need) to know is when you are available to start. Is it your basic two weeks and then on to the next job? Or, do you have something planned that won’t allow you to start for another month? Employers also want to know your salary expectations. This can be tricky for job seekers, as you don’t want to give a too high or too low range. Do your research and see what the salary averages are for comparable jobs in the area. Pair that information with what you bring to the table and you should have a fair range.


Establish basic qualifications. Employers want to know more about your skills and experience. Be prepared with examples that relate directly to the skills you listed on your resume. A sample question you may receive could be, “tell me more about a time you had to deal with a difficult customer and how you resolved that problem.” This is also the time where employers will clear up any questions they may have on your resume. So be prepared to explain anything that may seem out of the norm.


Check to see if you’ll say anything to put you out of the running. If you sound uninterested in the interview, or possibly distracted, employers may take your name right off the list. Speak clearly, be friendly, and listen to what the employer is saying.


Don’t let phone interviews intimidate you. Prepare, research, and treat it like an actual in-person interview. For more information on acing your next phone interview, contact one of our IT recruiters today!

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