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IT professionals play an important role in all organizations, but do their colleagues see it that way? According to a survey of 2,300 IT professionals conducted by TEKsystems, that may not be the case. In this recent survey, 80 percent of IT professionals believe their role is critical to their organization’s strategy, but only 55 percent of those professionals believe the organization things the same. In general, almost 30 percent of the survey respondents believed their roles provided more value than sales, marketing, and other departments within the company.


As an organization, it’s important to make your IT professionals feel valued, so here at Atlas Consulting we have prepared some tips on doing so.


Communication is essential when it comes to making employees feel appreciated. Increase the communication level between company leaders and IT employees. This helps employees stay informed and makes them feel more a part of the organization as a whole. It’s especially important for upper-level executives to communicate the goals and strategies of the organization down to their line-level employees; everyone should be on the same page.


In addition to communication, listening is also very important to employees. According to the survey, more than 85 percent of respondents said their company’s leaders could benefit from having a better understanding of the IT employees functions. Make sure your organization has an outlet for asking for feedback from employees. 71 percent of the survey respondents believed they would come up with ideas that are more likely to work, but have no way of communicating that to the top-level executives.


Hiring great managers is also important. Look for someone who is willing to listen and seek out their employees’ ideas. Professional growth is also important to many people, so a manager who is willing to help employees achieve their goals is very beneficial.


When organizations understand their line-level employees and how they affect the company, they are better able to develop realistic strategies that will help better their business. This understanding also helps organizations improve their retention of high-performance IT employees because they will actually enjoy working for the organization. Remember, the more IT employees feel valued, the more invested they become in the organization. For more information on making your employees feel valued, contact one of our experts today!

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