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You’ve graduated college and are ready to enter the working world. You think you’re fully prepared because you’ve spent the last four years studying and perfecting your expertise. After a brief time in the office, you realize there are many things you didn’t know and weren’t prepared for. For those of you fresh out of school, our IT recruiters at Atlas Consulting have prepared some tips on what you need to know that you didn’t learn in school.


Listening is crucial. Learn to listen to your customers, fellow developers, testers, and most importantly your system. Without listening to what others want and need from you, you won’t be able to fully meet and understand their needs.


Testing is important! Testing is how you prove that the software you are building meets and exceeds expectations now and in the future. Testing is something not usually covered in schools, but is crucial in the workplace. After all, if you don’t test your software, how do you know it actually addresses your customers’ concerns?


Be prepared to work with a team. How many times do you remember getting assignments in school and heading to the library to complete them on your own? The answer is probably more often than not. Unfortunately, that’s now how most organizations operate. Chances are you will be working with a team of people rather than individually. This transition may be difficult, and certainly is not always easy. Make sure to keep the lines of communication open with your team so you aren’t overlapping on projects, and in the end you’ll all end up learning from each other.


Learn graphic design basics. We all know that user interface and look and feel of an application is the selling point for customers. Do your best to understand graphics, colors, workflow, and other key design elements. We aren’t saying you need to be a graphic designer, but you should know the basic principles of good design.


These are just some of many tips to help get you prepared for entering the workplace. For more information on tips you may not have learned in school, contact us today! We are here to help you become a valued employee to any organization.

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