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Salary negotiation is never an easy topic to approach. Most people discuss negotiation techniques with their family, friends, and possibly coworkers. Unfortunately, not everyone gets the correct information when it comes to salary negotiations. To avoid taking the wrong approach, our IT recruiters here at Atlas Consulting have prepared the top salary negotiating myths and how to address them.


Salary negotiations are cut and dried. Many people are afraid to let their personalities show through during the negotiation, as they are told there is no room for flexibility. Well, likeability is a key factor to influencing people, so don’t be afraid to let your personality shine through. In fact, emotional and social intelligence are crucial for a successful negotiation.


Benefits and other perks are non-negotiable. Although Human Resources may drive base salary, your direct supervisor usually is the one to negotiate additional benefits. Avoid focusing strictly on salary during your negotiation and make sure to discuss tuition assistance, paid time off, bonuses, and even cell phone reimbursement.


Companies aren’t willing to pay more for additional skill sets. The complete opposite is true; companies actually do pay more for in-demand skills. Often times they don’t advertise this, but employees with desired certified and non-certified skills are worth the extra pay. Some companies pay the employees with a bonus check, while others incorporate it into the base salary.


If you’re going to work for a startup, you’ll have to accept a lower base salary. Although it may seem like most startups have little funding, that’s not always the case. If you are applying to a startup, be upfront and ask what the funding situation is like and tailor your salary accordingly.


Equity can’t be negotiated. This might seem a bit trickier, but if you take the time to understand equity packages and all of their parts, you may be able to negotiate. The financial benefits of changing a few things about a stock agreement can be substantial, but you really need to know your stuff. If you are planning on negotiating equity, do your research and call in an expert if need be.


Remember, salary negotiation has a lot of moving factors and it’s important to understand them all. By understanding these factors, you’ll be able to negotiate a tailored solution to your needs. For more information on negotiating your salary, contact us today!

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