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The area of Internet Technology has always been on the brink of innovation and thanks to the increase in cloud usage by businesses, the demand for IT experts is increasing. Business subscriptions to consumer-oriented, cloud-based storage are on the rise, leading to the creation of more IT jobs. As you may know, more and more providers are trying to monetize their cloud space (think 5 free gigabytes of storage forever) by adding paid services.


According to a recent survey of 855 respondents, made up of IT leaders, business users, and cloud vendors, cloud adoption is up 67% from last year. The survey also states, “Growth is consistent with forecasts from GigaOM Research, which expects the total worldwide addressable market for cloud computing to reach $158.8B by 2014, an increase of 126.5 percent from 2011.”


So, what does this mean for you? It means to start looking for careers in the area where cloud usage is most prevalent. One area to look that you might not have thought of is with mobile service providers. Mobile service providers are uniquely positioned because unlike other platforms (think Facebook and Google) they do not need to mine the information for marketing purposes.


You might be thinking, what qualifications do I need to land a job in this area?  For starters, you should be an expert in C programming for network and/or real-time systems. You must also have an understanding of networking technologies and L4-7 functions in complex network environments. Lastly, experience with Linux network application and REST API usage and definition are necessary.


There are also jobs out there for those who know data warehouse/data mart architecture and have experience with relational databases and big data technologies. It might seem like there are rigorous requirements for this job, but getting the proper qualifications are definitely worth it and the proof is in the numbers. Two short years ago, Forrester Research projected that the total cloud computing industry will grow from $40 billion in 2010 to $241 billion by 2020. If you’re looking for ways to break into this rapidly growing industry, or about how to get the proper qualifications, contact one of our IT recruiters today!

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