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We’ve mentioned the importance of EHR skills when it comes to job searching, but we want to take some time to focus on healthcare professionals and their industry. It’s important to understand how organizations operate and where their strengths and weaknesses lie. This is where the concept of treating your healthcare professional as if they were pilots comes in.


You may have never heard of Paul Weygandt, MD, but he is an orthopedic surgeon with an MBA, who is also a lawyer, and happens to be a pilot. We know, he almost doesn’t sound human! Currently, Dr. Weygandt is the Vice President of Physician Services with a consulting firm, but he came to his job after several successful careers in the medical profession. In his position, Dr. Weygandt is fighting to change the way physicians and the entire healthcare system operates.


According to Dr. Weygandt, “The key way to decrease the workload of the physician is not the electronic health record. The physician can’t monitor everything. We need to do away with the notion of the physician being the dictatorial captain of the team members on the ship. The physician is the leader, but the most important thing is not the leader, it’s the team.” 


This is a complete change in philosophy for the healthcare system. Right now, the physician is the dictator over patients and the way things operate, but with Dr. Weygandt’s theory the physician is not the dictator of the patient care team. Basically, Dr. Weygandt wants, “air traffic control for the physician.” Without air traffic controllers giving direction, pilots would risk endangering themselves and their passengers.


With this philosophy, the overall workload of physicians would be greatly reduced therefore increasing the quality of care. This is a cultural change that has been seen over several decades in the airline industry. Less of a workload and decreased stress levels equals increased care, quality, and safety.


This collaborative team-based approach is something to keep in mind when at work or job seeking. Although there will always be a chain of command, it’s important to express your ideas on what may help the improvement of an organization.For more tips on how treating healthcare professionals like pilots translates in the workplace, contact one of our expert IT staffers today!

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