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On the hunt for an IT job? Maybe getting certified is the answer. According to a survey of 700 IT professionals, IT certifications lead to new jobs and often times higher pay. If this doesn’t prove to you that certifications are worth it, we don’t know what will. To further convince you the importance of getting certified, our expert staffers at Atlas Consulting have compiled some more evidence for you.


According to the survey by Network World, 60.5% of respondents said that certifications led them to new jobs, and 56% said certifications led to an increase in salary or bonus. As many of you know, it’s important to keep your skills current and certifications show you are interested in learning. It also shows that you are willing to put the time it takes to advance yourself in the demanding IT field.


What are the benefits of getting an IT certification? Most importantly, you will already have a step up against your competition when it comes to applying for jobs. A potential candidate with a certification is instantly more qualified than one without. Also, certifications allow you to earn promotions more quickly, ask for higher salary, have greater job security, and have a sense of confidence at work.


So, what kinds of certifications should you be pursuing? It really depends on your area of expertise, but the most common certifications from the survey included security-related certifications such as, Certified Information Systems Auditor, Certified Information System Security Professional, Cisco Certified Security Professional, and CompTIA Security+. Cisco certifications (of all types) were by far the most popular, making them most valuable.


All of this information may seem overwhelming, but if you’re looking to get certified and how to go about doing so, we can help! Contact one of our staffers today for more information.


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