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Finding a full-time IT job isn’t easy, especially in today’s market. More and more, companies are looking to hire IT professionals on a contract basis. Although it might not seem beneficial, there are many pros to working as an IT contractor. Our expert staffers at Atlas Consulting Group have prepared a list of reasons why you should consider applying for contract positions.


More Money. What employees don’t realize is that most contract positions offer higher wages than the average full-time position. The reason contract employees are paid more is because their jobs are temporary, and sometimes less secure, than permanent employees.


Avoid Office Politics. Contract employees are able to focus on the task at hand and not get caught up in the office gossip. Knowing that you’re on a deadline allows you to push everything aside and focus on finishing your contract successfully.


Opportunity to Broaden Your Skills. When you’re a contract employee, you’re hired for a specific task. Working for different companies on different projects allows you to hone your skills and in the end become better-rounded.


A Chance at Job Security. We know how crazy this sounds. Job security? Contract employee? These are two things that most people don’t put together. Here’s why contract positions offer the opportunity for job security. As a contractor, you quickly learn to be flexible, stay nimble, and remain relevant. These characteristics are important to hiring managers, so always keep an ear out for the next opportunity to come your way.


If you’re applying to full-time IT jobs, and you haven’t had much luck, consider applying to contract positions. You may end up finding that contract work is more suited to your needs, but even if you don’t, you’ll still be working while looking for full-time positions. For more reasons on why you should consider a contract position, contact one of our NYC recruiters today!

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