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The IT industry is constantly changing and evolving, so as a job seeker in NYC, it’s important to stay up-to-date with your tech skills. To keep up with the demanding market, and make yourself appealing to recruiters, there are certain tech skills to have in your arsenal and on your resume. Nowadays, businesses see IT professionals tech skills as another way to boost business growth. Here at Atlas Consulting Group, we have compiled a list of the most desirable tech skills.


Web 2.0 Tech Skills Focusing on Social Media. Basically, integrating social media and other Web 2.0 tech on company intranets. Get as much practice and experience as possible in the following areas: HTML, XML, CSS, Flash, Javascript, PHP, AJAX, and .Net. As social media becomes more prevalent in the business world, this skill set becomes more important.


Networking – VMware and Citrix Experience. Thanks to cloud computing, employers today are looking for job seekers with networking experience.  IT professionals with intricate knowledge of the cloud are extremely valuable because they are able to manage the servers and expand the network.


Programming and Application Development. Businesses are constantly trying to make things easier for the consumer and streamline their processes.  Companies are looking to hire IT professionals that are able to develop and choose the perfect application tailored to a specific company.


Help Desk Support. Mobile devices add an entirely new dimension to help desk support, and as long as technology is used in the workplace there will be a demand for this position.


Security. With the plethora of private information on networks, security is always a top priority to companies. IT professionals need to utilize their tech skills to protect company information. Healthcare companies are a good example of the importance of security when it comes to hiring because of the notoriously strict HIPAA laws.


The best way to learn these skills is with hands-on experience. Since this may not always be possible, try reading informational IT resources. When looking for your next career, keep your skill set useful, relevant, and timely. For more information or for ways to brush up on your skills, contact our tech staffing experts at Atlas Consulting today!

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