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More often than not, short-term, temporary, and seasonal employees get the short end of the stick when it comes to incentive plans. Although they may not be your employee for the entire year, short-term employees still deserve benefits and incentives, which will increase morale and in turn increase productivity.


Now, before you go adding short-term employees to your traditional incentive plan, you might want to research what motivates these employees. Since short-term employees differ from traditional employees, their motivation most likely will too. With short-term employees it’s important to focus on immediate, attainable goals. This will get these employees excited about being able to actually reach these goals and be rewarded.


Here are some incentive ideas for short-term employees:

  • Gift Incentives. An easy way to incentivize employees is to purchase gift cards from local restaurants, stores, or movie theaters in the area and use them as “prizes” for internal contests or for reaching goals. When employees achieve these goals, they are given the gift card to use however and whenever they’d like. This type of reward provides instant gratification to employees.
  • Bonus Incentive Plans.  To employees who aren’t eligible for traditional incentives, having the opportunity to participate in a bonus plan can be very appealing. Bonuses can be given directly relating to sales, or they can be given for employees who decide to stay and become a long-term employee.
  • Paid Time Off. Normally, short-term employees aren’t eligible for paid time off. Why not incentivize them with a few paid hours off? Employees can earn a certain amount of hours off for the time they work. This can be extremely appealing, especially to those in seasonal positions.


Keep in mind that incentive plans for short-term employees are extremely important. If you want to have (and retain) the best talent, you need to them to want to come to work. Creating an environment that encourages and reinforces good work ethic will pay off in the long run. For more information on creating short-term incentive plans for employees, contact our staffing experts today!


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